Remembering Him

Time flies , moments become memories and  life takes a different turn.But what remain is your  hope.Hope that you would see the same face that woke you up every morning,the same face that  shares your endless stream of happy memories and the very face that is stored in your eyes from the very first moment when you have set your eyes on them. They say that if your love is pure then no matter what happens, even if the other soul departs from this world ,you would be connected at hearts. You could still hear their laugh echoing through your ears, you could still feel their touch and still smell there scent ,as if you are surrounded by them. I wasn’t a firm believer of this fact,rather i used to ridicule this mere thought. But they also say that , if you haven’t experienced something ,you wont believe it yourself. And then just like that ,i fell in love , and fell hard. All day i could think was how lucky was i to have him.To see him when ever i wanted , to touch him when ever i felt like and to drown in his mesmerizing green eyes  for eternity. My thoughts were consumed by him, as if i had nothing more important in life to think about. We had our ups and downs ,but through out the whole stream we remained by each others side until the day god though of taking him away from me. i was welled up in so much pain that at one time i though it was impossible to live again.I wanted to die too , i wanted to be with him again no matter what but i couldn’t do so. Every other person reminded me of him. Like how the guy walking down the street had the same hands like him ,or the guy sitting in cafeteria had the same shoes like was like i was surrounded by things that made sure to make me feel how much i needed him.I started pushing friends and family away, i wanted to be alone,i wanted to forget him somehow ,so i could end this pain. But this is what i did wrong ,pushing away love and care only made me angry and bitter.I was a totally new person ,much rudder. It went like this for months until i realized ,what i had become.i realized that he would be so much disappointed in me,he would be in so much pain seeing me from above being like this. He was always the charming ,polite gentleman and he did not deserve this angry , rude girl trying to forget him.I realized that ignorance wont do any good, i had to accept the fact that he was not going to come back into my life and instead of wallowing in pain and inflicting it on other ,i could remember our happy memories and hold them in my heart and be a person i was when he was around ,in this way he would remain alive forever in my heart. He wanted me to be happy ,successful and loving , which i forgot all in his absence but not anymore ,cause i am going to make him proud soon ?

An impulsive and impatient personality who has the most bizarre ideas related to this world and beyond. I sketch , paint and write to burn my thoughts, this is the only thing i feel peace at.I am an avid dreamer in the day, an aspiring novelist by the night, hopeless romantic & a certified bookworm. Books provide me an escape from this world , aside from that i am a boxer, who loves to knock out teeth for anger release. And yeah football is my passion!

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