Xiaoyaojin Park

When you are in Hefei the best part about this city is the amazing scenery and variety of lakes and water places you can visit. For a person who is more admirer of oceans and lakes rather than mountains, this place is a heaven for them. Even though there are beautiful and pretty famous peaks here as well that I will cover my upcoming blogs I personally prefer the lakes myself.

This Friday after my classes I decided to visit this Xiaoyaojin Park in Hefei with my friends. On the weekends we mostly explore places, try new food and do new stuff. The park was good not that big I would consider this as a mini theme park with a nice area to walk around.  An enchanting water body is in the middle and some fish pools surrounding it. You can fina quite a lot of fun games to win prizes. Mostly the locals were there and being a foreigner here you might get a lot of unwanted attention with people staring at you and clicking your photos. But overall it offers so much fun time from the funfairs to 9d movies, old buildings, a great atmosphere.  It has a beautiful lake where you can do boating. There are Pirate Ship, Merry-go-around, bumper car, Ferris Wheel, spin rides, discovery, and race car available as well along with some fun other rides too! 

So if you are visiting Hefei and need some relaxing and fun time, visit this place.

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