Confessions Of A Dying Heart

I wish i had the audacity to accept my blazing love for you,i wish i had the strength to hold  this beautiful connection of ours and i wish i could keep you in my life forever.Things happen,people change making your life to alter its direction.Butwith time ,comes regret, that makes your heart ache like crazy.You remember all the walks,laughs and stupid talks you had together.You remember the shine of each others eyes,their peaking curiosity and their undeniable love. You remember the feeling of being close to each other.At first these things are just like a flicker to hope ,but with passage of time against your control and will ,they turn into a raging fire,that eats you from inside. You try to hide it ,suppress it ,but a day comes that you wither slowly in agonizing pain and soak your pillow with painful tears. These tears are the symbol of your never ending love,they are the sign that no matter how hard you act normal and charm the world with your fake laughs , you are getting dead inside. Moreover watching the one you love,living an almost normal life , provides the touch of the salt to your unhealed wounds. The hardest part is to watch them and act normal ,as if your heart isn’t breaking at life. And This is how a persons dies while being alive.

An impulsive and impatient personality who has the most bizarre ideas related to this world and beyond. I sketch , paint and write to burn my thoughts, this is the only thing i feel peace at.I am an avid dreamer in the day, an aspiring novelist by the night, hopeless romantic & a certified bookworm. Books provide me an escape from this world , aside from that i am a boxer, who loves to knock out teeth for anger release. And yeah football is my passion!

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