An impulsive and impatient personality who has the most bizarre ideas related to this world and beyond. I sketch , paint and write to burn my thoughts, this is the only thing i feel peace at.I am an avid dreamer in the day, an aspiring novelist by the night, hopeless romantic & a certified bookworm. Books provide me an escape from this world , aside from that i am a boxer, who loves to knock out teeth for anger release. And yeah football is my passion!


Tum ney usey mohabat krney sey pehly ye shart to nahi rakhi thi k wo bhi tumse mohabat kry gi.

Saving You

Some times you leave people,sometimes you make them hurt intentionally.And some times…yeah sometimes you have to break their heart.Not because

Getting Numb

There are days in your life ,when you literally feel nothing.It like as if your insides go numb ,there is no feeling

Remembering Him

Time flies , moments become memories and  life takes a different turn.But what remain is your  hope.Hope that you would see the same face

Not Enough Courage

Ever happened to you that you wanted to do something but you didn’t have the courage to do so? like
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