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No one could have imagined a few years ago that you can make science a piece of cake, but Mr Scientific tried and showcased the world with an easy way to know all about science. Mr Scientific is a youtube channel that revolves around science as a whole and features simple everyday questions of science that people cannot comprehend or even imagine. The main part of Mr Scientific’s videos is to try to captivate people with its over-the-top demonstration of different aspects of science. People literally feel an attraction to the video once they have started watching it due to the realistic clips used in it.

Mr Scientific’s audience mostly consists of teenagers who need an easy way to understand certain aspects of science. This is the reason for developing every video in text instead of voice-over, so every part of the video could be expressed in its own way, with its own importance. Including that, text in the video lets the people to pause it and easily understand the meaning the text is trying to convey to us about the video. The second best thing about Mr Scientific is the enormous content it offers to its viewers. Mr Scientific actually posts content every day; hence there is not any shortage of content for the people.

Nevertheless, describing the maker of Mr Scientific in few words would be (a remarkable enigma). He is mysterious as he does not want part of his life to affect his youtube channel because it’s really hard to stay away from fame once you have managed to get about 1 million subscribers. But, for the sack of the audience, we have only seen him on face cam in only a few videos, as the channel’s main motive is to showcase people science in an easy way, and he uses text for that purpose, so his presence in the video does not really matter. His real name is Shivam Dodval, and he was born in Bijnor, India, his age is 23, and he is the author of the book Baby Universe, which tells you the tales about the universe’s birth. These are the only few things we know about him, as most of the science-related YouTubers maintain mystery about their life to engage people more into their channel.


In the end, Mr Scientific has provided many people a helping hand in understanding science, and also through the hard work of Mr Scientific, today thousands of teenagers love studying about science. If you have not watched Mr Scientific’s videos then you have lost a lot of your time in not learning about science, and getting fascinated by it.




Shumail Asad
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