A Cinematic Masterpiece Of Family Movies

Nothing is more fascinating than Kel Thompson’s incredible direction, it carries a low-budget indie movie which proves to be as adorable as any high-budgeted studio film could ever be. The Terrible Adventure is a family movie based on two kids trying to win a contest that takes them through an adventure beyond comparison. Link to the movie (Click Here)

The movie starts by showing us the motive and personality of every main character in the movie, which provides us a great in-depth look at finding out their characteristics. For instance, in the first few minutes we get to know about Olivia and Jackson’s (protagonists) motives for striving to win the money. They want to take the financial pressure off of their dad and want to save the home from foreclosure in which they grew up, and there is not a moment in the movie when it feels like Olivia and Jackson Thompson aren’t giving their best. It seems like we got ourselves some future stars. On the other hand, the first shot we get of the film’s antagonist Chilly, spills out his mindset about the right way to make money. He is a homeless guy who never has done any labor-intensive work, and when he meets Iceman, they just hit it off and become partners because they both want to make easy money. Hence, in the first 20 minutes, we get to find the characters’ main motivation, which makes “The Terrible Adventure” better than most of the big-budget movies in this genre, and very likely one of the best in kid movies released in 2021.


If you are thinking you should not watch the movie just because it’s an indie-movie, then let me tell you “The Terrible Adventure” doesn’t let you feel its budget is low at any point. There are countless action sequences in the movie, and every one of them provides you with an aura of watching the occasional action genre kids movie. It shows the producer put a lot of attention towards the main aspect of the movie “Adventure” and set the budget towards making it more action-centric. Talking about the delivery of dialogues and the acting, they are just an enigma of masterpieces. Honestly, it was an unexpected surprise to see the character arcs to have a significant role in carrying this movie, but the dialogues of the movie provided an essence of slapstick comedy and made the movie really entertaining and intriguing.

Moreover, the camera angles are creative as they showcase how a movie could go through from one arc to another without losing the viewers’ attention. Lastly, the colorful tone of the film makes it more enjoyable for people of all ages, as it creates a spark in the dull life of a viewer possibly living in lockdown. In addition to this, the director successfully describes the premise of the movie as his aspirations for the film were based upon providing a family movie to people, and in the end this is communicated successfully.

People who have watched “The Terrible Adventure” praised it for being funny as well as for being a great action flick the whole family can enjoy. The movie has received many international awards and has been accepted and screened at many film festivals, including “Dances With Films” where it received an award and will also get a second screening this year. Thompson has been asked to return to Dances With Films this year to partake in the alumni panel.


My experience of watching it was pleasant because I didn’t have any expectations from the movie, but the way the actors acted and the cinematography just indulged me deep into the essence of the film. So, if you love watching a family movie based on kids trying to save their home, the world and going on a fascinating adventure, then I think you should give this movie a try.


Shumail Asad
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