Steps To Selling A House In Colorado Springs

Selling a house can take a lot of your time and even give you a lot of stress. Many of us don’t know about the whole process of selling it. And on many occasions, I have seen people selling their houses without actually having a clue about their worth.

People who do not research before selling their home end up wasting thousands of dollars to take it on the market slot. Secondly, many of us start by thinking about emptying the house first and then listing it, but that is not the way.

There is a whole procedure a person has to go through, and if he misses out on a point, he can lose a lot of his precious time. That is why we have provided you with the whole methodology of selling the house and making a lot of money out of it. First of all, we will start through the planning to sell the house. Then we will take a look at the marketing procedure and lastly, about making contracts, and the uncertainties coming in it between.

Steps to Selling a House: Using A REALTOR®

If you have planned to go with a REALTOR®, you will have to start with the listing. This operation will attract a lot of REALTOR® to your house, and they will also have a bunch of potential customers looking to buy a home. After that, you will have to gather documents that will clear the queries of the buyers. Also, your REALTOR® will carry out the other phase of collecting utility bills, Loan information, and HOA information.

You will also have to decide the agency from which your agent will be from. It is because agencies are divided into two types. The first one is choosing a REALTOR® from seller agency; then the REALTOR® will put forward your interest at first. The agent will also make deals on your behalf and will get the best deal for you.

The second one is choosing a REALTOR® from transaction brokerage agencies. This agent will likely be like an assistant who will charge you a fee instead of commission and handle tasks related to money transactions between parties.

Steps to Selling a House: USING FSBO Route

Nevertheless, if you want to take full control of selling your house, you should go with the “For Sale by Owner” method. You will still need the help of specialists, who REALTOR® provides to you. You will need assistance in (pricing, staging, and marketing to contract negotiation and closing) steps of selling the house.
Many of the specialists working for REALTOR®S can work for you too on pay per transaction basis. To make your house more captivating and exciting, you will need a stager and a photographer to take alluring pictures of your home to attract buyers. Both processes will be required to be done in the first phase.
In addition to this, an FSBO will not have enough information and data as a REALTOR®, putting you at a disadvantage. But, worry not, you can gather many resources and info about selling your house from websites like Zillow and Homefinder and market research reports.
Likewise, picking up calls from different buyers and showing houses will be a nightmare for you if you are not related to the tertiary sector. And you should not get on cloud nine when you receive an offer because there are many loopholes in the contract. Even if you are getting the best offer for your house, there may be many things missing from the agreement. And without a REALTOR®, it may be difficult for you to get to the conclusion to sell your house or not.
In this case, your best option will be to title companies, which will provide you a lot of assistance during your transaction phase and will save you from losing a lot of money.
Anyhow, in my opinion, you should not go for FSBO to save a few bucks because REALTOR® has a lot of significance in getting the best offer to you. He can move transactions of money fastly, manage the whole process, and get you the best offer possible.

Prepping Your Home For Selling

Before you jump into reconstructing your house so you could sell it for a higher price, do some research about the buyer’s needs. Most people spend a lot of money on repairing and enhancing those parts of the house, which would not matter for a buyer. And only a REALTOR® can guarantee you on which part of your house you should spend money.

Carrying on, finding the best buyer for your house is the main problem every house owner faces. Because you could never know who is interested in buying the home, who could pay more, and what is the best way to present your house to buyers.

For rendering your house to the likeness of buyers, you should contact Spring Homes. They will provide you with the best service to reconstruct your home, which in the end will increase its value a lot as they will offer you guidance about how much to spend on construction and what appeals to a buyer.

Show-Ready Condition

Show ready condition is about presenting the home to the buyer in the best way possible to relate itself to him. First of all, you will have to start thinking like a seller, not a homeowner.

Then, you are going to showcase the house based on its enhanced current condition. For that, you will have to visit a lot of the places on sale. And your REALTOR® will probably link you up with the list of houses on sale.

Afterward, you will visit the houses one by one, looking at how they are showing the house features to the buyer. You can then relate it to your house. And after a lot of research, you can stage your home better than the other sellers. Remember to have it neat and clean; a cleaner house will provide you with more value. Finally, do not put family pictures or family-related stuff around the house. So, the buyer can imagine his family in your place and could interrelate with it.


Before staging your house to impress the buyer, you will have to decide whether it is worth it because an average staging company takes about $675 for staging your home to make it more pleasing to buyers. If the stats are showing, your house value will rise through it; then you should surely stag the house.

Compiling Visuals

In this phase, you will go through the whole process of marketing your house through visuals. As most of the buyers nowadays are searching for dwellings through the internet. To create the best aspects of your home, you will have to link it with the alluring digital space.

Listing Photos

About 95 percent of people search for houses through the internet. So, taking the most amazing pictures of your home will probably lead you to the best buy online.

First of all, select the resolution demanded by the listing on which you will be posting your pictures. If you do not know photography, then you should hire a professional photographer for the job.


Making a captivating video of your house for the buyer needs to be as delightedly done as possible because a buyer gets an essence about what they will be getting if they buy the house.
This is why it takes a clever video editing approach to make the house more fascinating to the buyer. Also, if your house is not high, you should not try wasting money on making a video.
Due to high competition in the market, the house will not remain on the listing for even a few days. So, only high-end homes should get their video made. Hence buyers could decide, is it worth putting a lot of money on the stack or not.

Virtual Tour

For letting buyers take a look at the room size, scale, and context, you should definitely make a virtual tour. Spring Homes uses a Matterport camera to capture the virtual tour. The camera can produce a 3D exterior model of the house, flat flour plan, and immersive walkthrough. These tours take the buyer deep into the house’s aura and give him a chance to interact with it.

Marketing Your Home

Marketing houses to buyers is stressful, and living in the house while selling it can take you into depression. So, first of all, before showing your home to people, try to grab another place to live.
Secondly, show the best representation of the house possible. Because the first clients, come to take a look at your house, are the most serious one. They have searched through many homes and are still trying to find the best one. It would be best if you showcased your place, to their likeliness.

Also, they should know best value for your house as they have been going in and out of many of them. Hence, try to let them quote the price of your house.

Hitting the Market

The first thing to do when we enter the market is to put your house on our local MLS. This will lead you to two processes. Primary is called Broker Reciprocity; this enables your data to go to thousands of cooperating broker’s websites. The second one is called listing syndication shares listing data all around the internet, with many real estate portals.

Also, keep in mind to upload correct data and pictures on MLS because real estate portals do not occasionally refresh their data. This can lead you to lose many weeks, and your house will not stay new to the market.

Social Media

Any real estate marketing crusade will probably have social media as its main part. It is cheap to promote real estate on social media, and people sharing can push the process of selling the house ahead of its time.

Just take the example of word of mouth, but it is just a click in social media. That is why any person can help their friends find a house by just scrolling across social media. He can then provide them with the link to the source.

However, many house sellers worry about their property, as their house pictures will be presented to random people. This is an invasion of privacy, but savvy real estate agents use some tricks to showcase the house’s central element instead of showcasing confidential things.

Traditional Marketing

Before the internet, traditional marketing was the key to put a buyer, seller, and a house in the closet. And even now, people tend to check out traditional ways of marketing because they want to physically take a look at the place to be as sure as possible. There are three possible ways for this type of marketing—printing ads, open house, and public advertising through word of mouth.

The person with a simple house would not benefit from printing ads because it takes a lot of time to be made. On the other hand, a luxurious home can get a lot of advantages through it. Because it will stay on the market for a long time and in between it flyers and advertisements will be all over the place. Secondly, it can get into magazines too. DuPont Registry and Robbreport are a few of the magazines showcasing the houses. And many people occasionally check them out too.

The second source of traditional advertising is the open house. In it, the house is opened for a particular time for many buyers to come and look at it. But, it is not that effective. Because according to a survey; about only 25 percent of people like looking for houses through the open house regime.

Nevertheless, it can be effective too when a luxurious house is being made, and there is news about it all over the town. Or the house listed is owned by a celebrity. Then many people would love to go and move around the house. And will eventually end up buying the home.

Lastly, promoting the listed house through word of mouth. This can be a lot difficult but an experienced real estate agent can provide you with assistance in getting more people towards the house. A good real estate agent, at the start, has a lot of contacts and with few calls, he can get buyers, who are hoping to buy a house.

But, the ones who are not experienced enough can get their hands on buyers too. They can have a conversation about the house with their colleague and deal with him over the buyers. He can have conversations with new people looking to buy a house and present them with the house. Also, nowadays, they could forward the same email to many people through their agencies’ help. Thus, the whole part is played by the Realtor or real estate agent, leading to word of mouth about the house spreading like fire.

Showings Start

When you show the house to a buyer, you have to stay out of the house. It is because your presence will not let them feel the home as their future belonging. If a buyer has questions, you can answer them later, or your agent can answer them, who will be showing the house to the buyer. But you should not show the house to the buyer in your presence.

Obtaining Feedback

Doing a little market research can let you know where your house stands in the market. Every buyer who has taken a look at your house must be contacted and through a survey of questions, his feedback should be taken. If you feel the buyer is lying about something, you can surely contact his agent to know about the stuff buyer did not like about the house.

It would be best if you looked for information like price, condition, and staging of the house when getting feedback. Then try to take an average data out of it, which will be explaining your house’s reputation in front of buyers. And you can change the bad aspects into good, to attract more buyers.

The Offer

Every seller waits for this moment, the moment when he gets an offer. But, soon enough, after taking a look at the offer, most sellers go back into gloominess. However, if you get an offer that you like, you should ask your Realtor to make a net sheet. The net sheet will give you the number of the income you will earn at the end of transactions.


Many deals do not take place because of the terms and conditions. Terms include inspections, appraisals, occupancy, and other factors that can change the bottom line.

Lets start with the inspection. The inspection clause can make the sellers to repair their house, which can end up earning less. The buyer is acceptable with no enhancement in the place, which can net the seller a lot more.

Secondly, the lack of a home to live in can generate an occupancy clause. The buyer might let the seller live in the house until the seller finds a place to live in. He can stay for free, or he will be paying rent. All about it is mentioned in the occupancy clause.

A financing agreement should be made, so the seller is not too late to check out the net sheet. This can help the seller decide whether he wants to see the house or not.

Under Contract

After relating the buyer’s offer with the terms, it is up to you to accept it, counter it, or reject it.

If you loved the offer and accepted it, then the other work will depend on the REALTOR. Both parties REALTOR will decide on the perfect date to close the deal on. The buyer’s agent will probably try to delay things further to protect the buyer from any scam.

Secondly, the seller’s agent will probably try to take things to go more quickly. Because if both parties can not get off the contingency deal, and the agreement cancels. Then he will be able to put the house on the market again as soon as possible.

Thirdly, flat-out rejecting the offer might let you get away from a scammer and let you meet more buyers. Or the buyer might come to his senses and offer you what you want. Rejecting flat out shows the worth of your property to the buyer, and many times, it works.


Contingencies are the essential things in the contract, made to make sellers and buyers trust each other. Buyers can check out inspection, title, and appraisal. On the other hand, a seller gets an advantage too. He gets to know about the viability of the process of money transaction through the buyer. So, because of contingencies, a trusting relationship within both parties bloom to blossom.


Inspection is one of the main parts of contingencies. It is because both of the parties have queries about each other. The seller is worried about the buyer’s pedantic behavior towards his house. And the buyer is concerned about, seller hiding some defect within the house.

To inspect the house, an inspection officer is needed. ASHI and InterNACHI are the two organizations assisting in it. If during the inspection, something inadequate is found, then the buyer will decide to report it. And if he does, then the seller will have three choices. He can agree to the condition, or try to make some changes or flat out reject it. Inspection can end up badly, and most of the time, people have gotten saved from scams.


Appraisal occurs when the buyer’s lender wants to see if the property he is buying is worth the money he asked for. And if the house does not appraise for the purchase price to the buyer’s lender, then
The buyer can try to pay for the difference in the amount, but most of the time, he cannot
Or the seller may be interested in lowering down the price, but that’s unlikely too
This is why having a good REALTOR can provide you with the best plan structure to price the house for what it is worth for.

Financing: The financing issue is related to the aftermath of appraisal. In it REALTOR tries to make sure every transaction is being made and is there some cash flow problem or not.


Title Contingency

Many times, a house on sale has a lot of titles on it. This can, first of all, make the buyer liable for every debt the seller owned.

Also, talking about taking insurance for the home can also become impossible. It is because of the possessions, whose payments have not even been paid. So title contingency can take a load off of the buyer.


Lastly, providing buyers with one last walk-through should be done too. A buyer might find out some missing accessories from the house, and it can then be a fatal deal breaker. So have everything set up for the last walk-through.

The Closing Process

There are few processes you have to go through when finalizing your house selling.
First of all, find a place to live in and end all bills related to you on the property.

Then the procedure of signing papers should be taken strictly. Have everything related to your id, at your disposal. And documents of the house, so because of that in need of time you can do everything fastly.

Anyhow, there are many more procedures, but this is the simple preview of selling a house. And remember to have a realtor by your side to get the best advice throughout your venture to sell your place.






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