Kpop Songs Disappered From Spotify

Kpop fans got horrified when they weren’t able to find thousands of Kpop songs on Spotify. It was like dozens of Kpop stars vanished away from Spotify in seconds. Even I was thinking the Government had banned all the Kpop songs, due to conflict with South Korea, but that wasn’t the reason.

In simple words, negotiations between Spotify and KakaoM took a bad turn. They got into bad terms over the global licensing contract, which ended up Spotifying deleting the songs.

Basically, KakaoM also known as Kakao Entertainment, manages and distributes many large Korean acts.  So, when the conflict arose, the songs from the artists KakaoM represents, vanished away.

Tablo, leader of Kpop group “Epik High” was enraged about the incident. He tweeted about who was at fault and why always artist suffers from the greediness of huge companies.

Many Kpop groups were able to make a deal with another distributor to get their songs back on Spotify. But, in the end, they were not able to get their streaming numbers back, causing them to lose a lot of money.

Shumail Asad
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