What Woman Want In A Guy

“I am in a hurry, I can’t talk to you right now”, might be the only phrase you hear when you try to approach a woman. We don’t really know what does a woman wants in a man, and we certainly won’t be able to find out what does a woman wants in her husband soon enough. But striving to get a woman’s number or even thinking about an algorithm to have a conversation with her, is itself a success in its own right.

How To Approach A Woman

In simple words, if you still hesitate while talking to a woman, then bro you seriously need help because in today’s world approaching a woman is just easy as ever. Because you have got the internet, but I especially don’t use the internet. Because the success ratio of actually getting a date with a girl through using lines on the internet is 50 percent, which is a lot less for me( don’t really wanna lose 50 percent angels, I talk to).

Thereon, instead of using lines like (where can I get a bite with you, or you got a cute smile, or I asked you this question because I find you cute and most horrible one, did you fart………. because you just blew me away). Just try to find an aspect about her, which you find interesting or you can have a proper conversation with her on it. In simple words scan her for like few minutes, after you get a glance at her.

Anyhow, this provides you with the best way to approach a woman. Just think about it, you see a girl, who is the cutest person you have ever seen, you won’t just jump on her with a random question. Just calm down, she ain’t going anywhere, check anything unique about her. If she is using a social media app, ask her if she is making money through it( then talk about that, because money talk, attracts a girl towards you). Or if she is wearing a fascinating dress, ask her about it and then give your point of view on it. Or if she has a lot of baggage with her, tease her with a point relating to it, and always try to be funny, not irritating.

What To Wear While Approaching A Woman

Now I am not an expert in attractiveness because I am ugly as heck myself, but looking as cute as you can while approaching a woman, can unshadow some of your mistakes in your approach.

I usually wear a suit because it’s professional and makes you seem like you really are there to have a formal conversation with her. If you don’t have a suit, I think you should buy one “Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Modern Fit Suit” or STACY ADAMS Men’s Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit“, are usually men’s choice.

Secondly, talking about using the cologne. Man actually don’t really know how to wear perfume and I don’t think so they would know about which one to buy. But, when you are approaching a woman it is essential that you smell good. Because when you are hugging her for the first time or shaking hands with her, that is the moment when she decides you are attractive for her or not, and it is make it or break it moment.

I usually use ELSHA COLOGNE and CREED Aventus. And I always see a change in a girl’s impression when I hug them using these perfumes. Wearing a suit and a cologne will make you look formal and a lot attractive than wearing pajamas and T-shirts.

Woman’s Psychology

A random girl in a mall will most likely be there because she didn’t have someone to talk to or if she is in a group, she just got into it because of peer pressure. Maybe, that might not be the reason, but if you think about multiple scenarios while approaching a woman, then it’s really going to affect your start-up line. Hence, have a scenario in mind, about why is she present in a particular place.

Also never ever try to be too much pleasing or sweet, or keep giving her compliments, because first of all, it seems you are a pervert or a guy who has never talked to a girl before. Try to provide as much information as you can, I mean it’s a wisdom play. The more wisdom you have, the more chances are there of you getting a date.



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