Mangla Dam, A Mesmerizing Place On Earth

Right now I am present at Mangla dam in the Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir, and I am wondering how did such a beautiful, and structurally fascinating thing like Mangla Dam end up in Pakistan. Plus, not forgetting about the walking track situated here, it’s making me feel like I am present in Switzerland.

I bet, every once in a while, you guys get these queries too, and so to end all the questions about Mangla Dam’s beauty, and to provide you guys with a clear perception about it, I am going to try to explain to you, how a wonder like Mangla Dam transformed Pakistan into a tourist attraction.

Significance Of Mangla Dam To Pakistan

Not only Mangla Dam is the best tourist place in Pakistan, but it is also a lot significant for Pakistani People too and we don’t really know about its importance to us, so I am going to fill every hole present in your brain with the knowledge about it being a brick that’s holding Pakistan.

Mangla Dam has been reported to be irrigating about 3 million acres worth of land for the past 50 years which in simple words, provides the whole Northern area of Pakistan with water. Secondly, talking about the power it generates, it is known to be fueling 1000 megawatts of power into Pakistan, which is why Northern Punjab isn’t known to be a part of the load shedding algorithm.

Why Should You Visit Mangla Dam

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, there are only a few human structures that can change the topography of a place and make it more alluring, and that list includes Mangla Dam too. Now I am not asking you to visit Mangla Dam on the basis of its significance to Pakistan in the irrigation system, but what about its appetizing beauty, which just takes you into a loop of the fantasy world.

Mangla Dam Walking Track

First of all, let us talk about the main toothsome of the place, the Mangla Dam walking Track. If you ever get to visit Mangla Dam, during a sunset, never let your eyes off of the view provided to you at Mangla Dam walking track, it’s just alluring.

I mean watching a sunset, sitting on a steep and silent road, enchanting with birds, as they fly away to enormous mountains, that’s ravishing. Carrying on, just feeling the air while walking on the track, and checking out the sands flowing off the barren side of the road, will make you feel like you are in wales.


Best Place For HoneyMoon

Many of the Pakistani couples after getting married, don’t have the resources to book a honeymoon abroad, but what about visiting Hawaii in Pakistan. It’s wouldn’t be wrong to call Mangla Dam the cheapest place to kickstart your relationship, with a savory boast.

Couple Speed Boating;

It would be the biggest mistake of your life to not embrace speed boating with your second-half when you’ll visit Mangla Dam. The pleasure you get when you are drifting through the cold air, on a windy day in Mangla Dam reservoir provides you with the pleasure, no ride on Earth could do.

Beach ;

Hawaiian effect in Pakistan can only be provided to you on Mangla Dam reservoir, as there are many instances of tourists from abroad comparing it with Hawaiian beaches, which is a great compliment for Pakistan itself. Sitting on Mangla Dam’s beach, drinking a drink, and looking at the people, playing beach ball is at another level of pleasure.

PC In Mangla Dam;

Even if you are wealthy, and want to visit Mangla Dam on your honeymoon to promote tourism in Pakistan, but want to feel the essence of being wealthy, you can surely get a booking at Pearl Continental Hotel, situated near Mangla Dam. As, at the end of the day, getting the best service on your honeymoon should be your main goal, and a PC hotel can trigger an aura of specialty in your visit to Mangla Dam.

Floating Hotels

Not only Mangla Dam has PC, but it also contains floating hotels, which are the best place to rest when you visit Mangla Dam. Just think about it, floating on water while you sleep, smelling the sweetness in the air, oh that should be our dream. I mean it gives you chance to palpate through a waterbed without wasting a lot of money on it, and also think about seeing the reflection of the moon in water, just perceive that image and you’ll want to go to Mangla Dam tomorrow.


Lastly, the best place to fish in Pakistan is Mangla Dam, and it provides you with the most alluring marine life on Earth, and the tastiest too, trout fish. Not only that, but think about the experience you’ll get, when you are fishing with your son or your better-half in clean water, looking at the sky while you wait to catch a fish.

Anyhow, I visited Mangla Dam on the basis of these key experiences, and I hope you won’t let a cheap, alluring encounter to a tourist place get out of your hands.

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