Biggest Scam In History Of Pharmaceutical Industry

Can you think about letting yourself and your family dive into an era in which there aren’t any pharmaceutical companies? Of course, you won’t because you don’t want to jeopardize your family’s life in the world where the virus, bacterias, and cancerous radioactive materials roam around trying to hurt you. But, sometimes those pharmaceutical companies try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and puts you in harm’s way. In this essay, I will be talking about a pharmaceutical company named “Ranbaxy”, which put the lives of many people in harm to get some profit out of its manufacturing. I will also be giving reference to different sources which will state how Ranbaxy managed to fraud FDA and WHO. Including that I would be talking about how its fraud was caught and who caught it.

 How it Started

Ranbaxy was started back in 1937 by Ranbir Singh and Gurbax Singh and used to work as a distributor for Japanese company Shionogi. At the end of the 20th century, Ranbaxy started to take interest in the US and formed a company in the US, to dictate its entry into the highly saturated market of Pharmaceuticals.

Who Came To Know About Its Scam

Like other pharmaceutical company it had many brilliant employees and one of them was Dinesh Thakur, who end up being the reason for the demise of Ranbaxy. Actually, Ranbaxy was falsifying drug data as it wasn’t testing the sample and was putting false records of it, plus Ranbaxy was violating current good manufacturing practices, as it was making them in an unethical environment, and as Dinesh Thakur was Director and global health research information and portfolio manager of Ranbaxy, he found many mistakes in the data during his job in Ranbaxy from 2003 to 2005 as he used to see it was being copypasted. Then after a passage of time, he realized many people were getting harm through it, and FDA and WHO didn’t have a clue about it, so he joined up with Rajinder Kumar, Dinesh’s boss, to blow the whistle on the scams being committed by Ranbaxy.

Problems Dinesh Faced

Nevertheless, making the decision to inform the FDA about the misconduct of Ranbaxy wasn’t an easy task for Dinesh Thakur who had to go through a lot of conflicts to reach a complex decision that changed his life. First of all, when he contacted his senior “ Arun Kumar” to talk about the issue, he got insulted by him, as Arun knew many companies were doing the same thing, so what’s the harm in Ranbaxy doing it. After some time, Ranbaxy put pornographic content on Dinesh’s computer and filed a charge against him for watching porn while at work which ultimately led him to get fired by Ranbaxy. In the end, he wasn’t able to take it anymore when one of the managers at Ranbaxy ended the conversation with him about the issue by saying

“It is for black people(Africans), why should we even care”

He knew there would be consequences, his family dynamic could change, he might not even have a job to sustain his family, but the lives of innocent people tend him to make the decision that was better for the majority of the world, and he blew the whistle against Ranbaxy.

Did Dinesh Make A Right Decision?

Hence, at the end in 2013, Dinesh won the case against Ranbaxy and got about 49 million dollars out of it. But, that wasn’t what Dinesh really wanted. He was on the verge of getting divorced from his wife Sonali Thakur, which he eventually got in the future. His children grew up in a place where there was always a possibility of them being vulnerable to Ranbaxy’s attack and he wasn’t there for them because he was putting his time and money to get Ranbaxy’s scam in front of everyone. In simple words, his actions were morally required because he was sent as an angel to save people from killing themselves by taking harmful medicines. But, Dinesh took the case too far and due to that lost his family during the process, and now he is alone.

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