Does Kpop Sucks?

Kpop has revolutionized the music industry in the past few years, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say, its trend isn’t slowing down soon enough. So, because of that, its fan following is in an infinite loop of getting multiplied day by day, but most of those followers are only there to ridicule it to its death.


Thereon, to really know if Kpop sucks or not, we would need to go through every aspect of it. Which parts of Kpop people don’t like, which part puts joy in every fan, and which part is just flat out dull for everyone.


First of all, it is okay to hate Kpop, but it’s not fair if you don’t even try to listen to it, and give judgments about it. You don’t have any right to do that. Now I am not saying Kpop is good, it depends upon you because, at the end of the day, you are going to decide if it sucks or not.


Also, trust me there are many awful songs in Kpop too, but music is not something you can give your remarks on because people from different places have different mindsets, which provides them with an ability to attract to the music, they grew up liking, not the one everyone else is liking.


Plus Kpop is basically the same as western music but in Korean. It got the same bops, pops, and even identical hiphops. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, the only reason Kpop got overhyped, is because the people who don’t know anything about music got attached to it. So, don’t really judge it for being overrated, because western music was once overrated too and you all know where western music got into, in the end.


Things that suck in Kpop


  • Fandom battles
  • Beauty criteria
  • Saesang fans
  • Scamming Idols
  • Getting blacklist by companies
  • Working to death
  • Spiteful comments
  • Mental health issues
  • Fake award shows
  • Disparity in treatment/respect depending on popularity
  • Praising Japan for no reason
  • Every song originates from Kpop


There are many more and all of them are as awful as the rules of North Korea can be.


But, what about the joy, the amazement a person gets after listening to those alluring songs. About me, I just can’t stop loving them. So, the concept of happiness of a person, kind of ends the scenario of Kpop ever sucking. This lets us to conclude that Kpop is great for fans, but horrible for lesser-known stars who have to work day and night and still have to do deal with fans conflict.


Shumail Asad
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