5 Ways Of Making Money From Youtube

About 2.5 billion people have an account on youtube, and after google, youtube gets the most traffic per day as people want to watch videos in their leisure time. So when there is demand for videos, the supply of videos increases and because of that every day thousands of people start their own youtube channel, so they could make money while doing something they love.

Ways of Earning money on youtube

Youtubers have 5 ways to get paid through Youtube Partner Program.

1)Ad Revenue: This is how every monetized Youtuber makes money, and also in the start youtube got fame due to their unique Ad Revenue system. In it, YouTubers get paid to put ads on their videos. Ads are provided by Youtube and it’s up to a YouTuber to put the number of ads he wants to put on his video.

2)Channel Memberships — Channel membership revolutionized youtube content because YouTubers got motivated to make something unique that isn’t being offered anywhere else so subscribers can pay them to watch it.
Merchandise Shelf — Youtubers can sell their merchandise on it or promote affiliate links, and it’s an easy passive income for them.

3)Merchandise Shelf — Youtubers can sell their merchandise on it or promote affiliate links, and it’s an easy passive income for them.

4)Shoutouts: Youtubers get paid to pin people’s comments and ids during live streaming, so people who are paying can get their name out there.

5)YouTube Premium — Youtube provides an ad-free platform for those users who want ads not to disturb them when they are watching a video. Youtube gives a piece of that earning to Youtubers, depending on how much their content is being watched in Youtube Premium.

Who can make money on youtube

Before you can monetize your channel, you must be eligible for it. The first thing you need to do is apply to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).
Criteria for the YPP includes:
1,000+ subscribers on the youtube channel

4,000+ public watch hours on all the videos

Google Adsense account is valid and linked with youtube.

YPP must be available in your country.

When do you start earning money on youtube

Ad Revenue
Youtuber should be 18+ and his content shouldn’t violate youtube terms and conditions.

Channel Memberships
Youtuber must be 18+
Has about a minimum of 30k subscribers on his channel.

Merchandise Shelf
Youtuber must be 18+
Has about a Minimum of 10,000 subscribers on his channel

Shout outs
Youtuber must be 18+
Must live in the place where streaming is available.

YouTube Premium

Youtube premium subscribers must be watching your content.

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