BlackPink’s Lisa : A New Victim Of Racism

Everyone knows Kpop has started a newfangled era of pop music, and because of that Kpop stars are getting a lot of attention these days which has ultimately provided them with a lot of fame. So, when all that fame is issue forth, haters follow too and most of them try to destroy the confidence of the celebrity they hate, hence they keep finding new ways to do it, and nowadays racist comments are a new tool for them.

Just a few days ago, screenshots of a group chat were leaked in which people were found attacking Blackpink’s Lisa Thai Origin and disgracing her for that, which ended up in a streak of tweets by Lisa’s fans in which they tried to end the stigma of racism against her.

This isn’t new because just two years ago Lisa was harassed by a user on Instagram in which he said

“ She looks like a Russian hottie with all that makeup, but in reality, she is just an average looking Thai girl”

That comment led to a rage of Instagram posts, supporting Lisa and Lisa gain a lot of popularity through it, and now again people are shamming her for being Thai.

People Reaction

Many users on Twitter have posted about how awful it can be to attack an artist just because she used to reside in a particular country. Lisa was trending on Twitter for a whole day, the hashtags #Respectlisa and #stopracism made rounds on Twitter, and she gained a lot of fan following through it.

Group chat talk

The screenshots had the group chat talking about Lisa’s virginity and making comments about sending her back to where she came from. Including that she was harassed with some inappropriate words against her which are mostly used for Thai prostitutes.


Are we mad or what, why we keep wasting our time in hating successful people? If you envy them that much then just go ahead and make something out of yourself, so you could be eligible to get envied by someone else instead of harassing stars all day long without knowing the consequences of it. In simple words, it’s a waste of time, she isn’t gonna get affected by it.

Shumail Asad
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