What If Hermoine And Draco Had Gotten Married

First of all, let us assume some events, after the War of Hogwarts, which led to enormous changes in Hermoine and Draco’s life, stimulating a romance between them.


  1. Draco and Harry came to an amicable understanding of each other and were at least compatible with each other in terms of their ties.
  2. Draco would have to go through the history of his family, getting so deep that at the end he realizes his prejudices and acknowledges how awful they are.
  3. Hermione and Ron sooner or later broke up and move on with their lives.
  4. A lot of the years have passed since their school days.

Once these things have transpired then I can fathom that they would have gotten married.


Now after getting married to Draco. Hermoine’s relationship with the Weasley family would have probably gotten a lot bitter.

Yeah, Ginny, Harry, and Hermoine would have still remained friends but relations with other Weasley’s would have gotten greatly affected. That’s due to the history of bad blood between the Malfoy and the Weasley family, which ultimately had led to Hermoine not even talking to her best friend and ex-boyfriend, Ron.

Let us talk about the adventures, they both would go on. Hermoine, as she was during her childhood, would want to see the wizarding world more.

She would try to find every clue there is, about how does a mugblood mutate to become a wizard, or about how did the world end up with all those wizards roaming around. And as Draco, being a pureblood, who has studied the entire history of his family, would try to help Hermoine in her venture


They’ll have kids which would be the rising cause of Harry Potter and the cursed Child never taking place as Harry’s son goes on a Journey with Draco’s son, but now as Hermione is the mother of Draco’s child, it seems unlikely, he would even talk to Harry’s son. Also, Harry’s kids would be much older than Draco and Hermione’s because of the time they took to find true love and get married.


Hermoine would probably leave her job as a teacher in Hogwarts and her aspirations to become minister of magic would go away, because of the huge sum of money Draco would be providing to her, and she will spend most of her time, searching out the history of wizards and trying to find a clue about the next threat, coming to destroy the world.



People who genuinely love Hermione would get dissatisfied. They won’t understand why Rowling paired her most influential female character with a racist, abusive, toxic, cowardly, whiny piece of shit like Malfoy. But still, we are talking about the future and as Draco has changed, they can get together even if they don’t think similarly. Because a wise man once said “ Opposite Attracts”

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