INITIATIVES To Take When You Are 16

Trying to aware people regarding the problems of women in the World and struggling to provide for the poor in this awful economical time; were a few of the initiatives I took to change the typical mindset of people and to provide a smile on a downtrodden’s face when I was a 16 year old.

Carrying on, after a surge in women’s rights issue in the World in 2019 with the me-too movement, when most of the people were ignoring it by calling it being against Islamic principles; I started making videos on youtube; striving to tell people its the opposite.

Hence, I got a great response; many people understood the crucial need for women empowerment in the World which led me to diversify my topics. Racism, E-Commerce, crypto-currencies, Animal labor; were some of the issues with which I tried to educate people, and including that I was able to enhance my conversation skills too.

That experience lend me great help when I went to give job interviews or when I was motivating people to stop wasting their crucial time on things that don’t have significance in today’s world. The knowledge gap which every 16 year old has, was filled due to this amazing experience of serving people, and it also let me to influence people who were 10 years older than me, and this was just the start.

Moreover, during the initial stages of lockdown, I realized the impact of covid on less fortunate people. Thus, my classmates and I made a community society in our school. We collected used books and uniforms, and our motive was to provide them to students who came from a lower economic class or who were studying on scholarship but didn’t have the money to buy books and uniforms. We even organized Campaigns with environmental societies of our city, to follow Greta Thunberg, in her venture to save the Earth while we can.

These, were the few of the initiatives I took when I was 16, but I think maybe you are in your 20’s or 30’s, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you doing anything which matters to the World, not just you? Why are you being selfish, why can’t you just take a piece of your time, just an hour per day, and do something useful with it? We live in a society, which doesn’t even know us because we don’t give a damn about it and people know it. So stand up for your dignity and do something which matters.

Shumail Asad
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