Cardi B A Melody Of Tragic Love

Cardi B has finally drop silence on her affections for Offset after rethinking about where destiny would take her if she gets divorced from Offset, and also taking into account the lovely moments they are having since the past month.


Recently, Offset is trying his best to show Cardi how much he loves her. And Cardi B didn’t shy away from telling people about the exquisite gifts, her husband gave her on Valentine’s day.

Present included black and gold Chanel bag that was offered in matching gold and blinged-out birdcage. Cardi B posted on Instagram showing her presents and also thanked Offset for such a pleasant surprise

“Wow Thank you, baby. You always getting me something different”


Cardi’s Instagram post shows her lifting the birdcage, whirling it around, and at last uncovering a startling price tag of $20,500. Offset also shared the video of Cardi opening the present, on his Instagram.

In the second video on her Instagram, Cardi is singing her new single “up” and burbling

 “Oooh! Oh oh oh! Wow! You did that? You did that for me!” 

Then she strolls into a doorway that is lined with crates of red roses, and then into a room ornamented with vases of a lot of pink, red and white roses.


Then she made a video in which she talked about her feelings for offset and how she can’t imagine her life without him, she also talked about she kindof regrets filling for divorce against Offset, and she wishes everything could go back as it was 2 years ago before Offset cheated on her.


She also accused herself of wrecking their relationship in pieces because she thinks, she has a mentality of New Yorkers about always working and chasing money and not giving time to their loved ones. She also talked about the difficulties of working as an artist because it’s not just about music and videos, it’s also about the business which has destroyed many lives.

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