Art Of Letting Go

Love is an exuberant feeling. It can also initiate enormous despair when you don’t get the same affection from the other person. A lot of people have felt their heart getting torn apart, and not letting another person go, takes these emotions deeper, causing emotions to get obsessed over the other person, rendering themselves to fixate on them as though they owned them.

If you haven’t felt that tremendous pain yet, just think about someone you adore, someone you love, someone without whom you can’t really fantasize about your life. Assume if that person stops talking to you, then what would happen to you?. How much time would you need to get over them, if they cut you out of their life? People actually lost their whole world, when they were found in these types of situations.

They become unproductive, wasting hours, days, or even months searching out the memory of their loved one from every corner of their mind which is an insult to injury on its own. Half of their day is spent reminiscing their past, thinking about the time it all went wrong, and what could have happened if all those emotions and arguments were different.

Right now you’d be thinking:
” yeah they deserve to spend their time like that, thinking about their loved ones, because they just got hurt”
But what about the essence of time, and a never-ending question of death.

In simple words, death reminds us that one day we are all going into the grave. This means through every passing second you are getting closer to death, so why cry over someone who doesn’t even care about you. By doing that you are just squandering your time, and getting nearer to the edge of the grave.


Don’t waste time for god sake.
The time you are spending recklessly on watching movies, speculating in a baffled state, why your life always doesn’t go the way, you want it to go through while envying others and feeling sympathy for yourself….. you are soooo going to regret it in future because you’d be mature enough at that time to consider the pros and cons of the way you used to let your mental state treat your body.

Just live your life, like it’s a freaking wonderful life, and always thank God for giving you accessibility to education, a place to sleep, and food to eat because many people don’t even have that kind of privilege.

Shumail Asad
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