Dark Truth Behind Zack Snyder Leaving Justice League During Middle Of Post Production

Many of you would be thinking why a longer version of justice league is releasing on HBO Max? or Why Warner bros are so keen to release the same movie again by doubling its length? or why a Snyder cut of Justice league exist, didn’t the movie which was released in 2017, contained the same material as Snydercut? or does Snydercut has a future in DCEU, is it going to be connected with other movies? Or above all, why did Zack Snyder leave the biggest movie he’ll ever make, during the middle of post-production?.

All of those questions came into being because of the less information provided to us about Zack’s leaving  Justice League and today I will explain to you about the Dark Truth of Zack Snyder’s Departure. The tail of Justice League production failure is rare to be seen in the history of cinema, as first of all, the director of the biggest movie ever is replaced during post-production out of nowhere, and secondly, the whole movie gets reshoot in just 5 months which explains why Justice League was destined to be a failure at the box office.

One of the main reasons Zack leaving Justice League was; a death in his family, which tore him apart. Autumn Snyder, Zack’s daughter had committed suicide which rendered him to leave the production of Justice League because he thought he needed to spend some time with his family, because of that no one can ever blame him for leaving the movie in the middle of post-production as he had a right to do so. Nevertheless, a reporter asked Zack in an interview for the “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign in April of 2020, about a scenario in which Warner bros offered him to delay the release of Justice League and let him spend few months with his family until he was fully recovered from the trauma and happy to join the team back during post-production and he replied by saying: At that time he didn’t have an inch of power in his body to fight for the betterment of the movie. He explained more by saying, he wasn’t going to take more bullshit of the pressure of the movie and he was feeling his family needed him the most, not the movie, so he didn’t try to pursue the studio to do right by movie and as the studio had their own issues with the movie, they didn’t provide him with any proposals

Thus, at the end of the day, the destiny of Justice league being a blockbuster depended upon Warner Bros letting Zack Snyder put his creative input into the movie but due to the awful performance of Batman vs Superman with critics, the studio wasn’t convinced to go on the same route again with Justice League too. So creative differences between Zack and studio, and Zack Snyder’s mental health; ended the possibility of fans getting a mind-blowing Superhero movie.

Shumail Asad
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